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The Silver Panda Coins app is an iPhone and iPod Touch app to China Panda Coin enthusiasts! View the images of the Silver Pandas including year, weight, and mintage information. Don't forget to try our companion app Gold Panda Coins.

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Ever since the first Brilliant Uncirculated 1 oz. pure .999 silver Panda legal tender coin was issued in 1989, collectors around the world have been attracted because the design of the adorable panda changes every year (except for 2002). And the cost for these coins is surprisingly modest. We are pleased to offer a complete collection of every silver Panda issued from the first in 1989 to the newest 2007 coin - 19 "silver dollar" size (40 mm. Diameter) coins in all. Every coin is in pristine Brilliant Uncirculated quality, looking just as it did the day it was minted. If you asked the leading coin dealers it is extremely unlikely that you would be able to locate a comparable collection, particularly at our low price. Individual Panda silver coins are also available.

Images of (BU) Brilliant Uncirculated 1 oz. Silver Panda Coins are shown. The designs of Proof coins and other sizes/weight may differ from images shown.

As the premier distributor of panda coins, we have a huge collection of pandas; including: Gold Pandas, Platinum Pandas, Palladium Pandas, Commemoratives Pandas, Bimetallic Pandas, Colored Pandas, and Panda Medals.

If you don't find what you're looking for, give us a call. Toll Free: 1 (800) 4-PANDAS or Email us at

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Just select the issue year and touch the empty quarter slot. The state quarter image will appear to signify it is in your collection.

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